Express Coupons – How to be confident on high heels

High heels can be the best friend of a girl: they will make you appear taller, thinner and more confident. However, walking on high heels can be a little difficult if you’re not used to. Do not worry, learning to walk without fear on heels requires just a little bit of practice.

Step 1: Take small steps

You should make small and slow steps, make sure not to bend your knees more than you normally would. You will realize that high heels slightly shrink your strides. The higher your heels are, the smaller your stride will be. Your small delicate steps will make you appear more natural and you will feel more comfortable.

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Step 2: Walk from heel to toe

The goal is to walk as normally as possible on your heels. First put your heel on the ground, naturally followed by your toes. Then when your weight is balanced on your feet, move your weight forward and go to the next step.

Step 3: Improve your posture

Walking with high heels mainly involves maintaining good posture. If you slouch and stumble while walking, other’s impression on your high heels will be lost. Follow these for perfect posture:
Imagine that there is an invisible thread that pulls your head up. Your head should be in alignment with your spine and your chin should be parallel to the ground. Avoid looking at the ground when you walk with high heels!
Keep your shoulders straight and relaxed and keep your arms close to your body. Swing your arms slightly to give you balance while walking.
Keep your abs muscles tight. This will help keep you on the right and also look thinner.
Bend your knees slightly, they must not be blocked when walking in heels. Keep your legs close to each other when you walk and point your toes forward.
Imagine walking on an invisible line. Many women wear high heels and want to look sexy, then they add some hips rolling.
Your foot should be positioned directly in front of the other, toes are directed straight ahead. This approach requires a little more training to be controlled, but the results will be worth it.
Look models videos to see how they become professional, then try to imitate what you see. Be aware that the models tend to exaggerate their approach, then you may prefer to go more smoothly in real life!

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